Come to Action Automotive when your check engine light comes on. We’ll diagnose the problem and help you get back on the road in no time. We are a Jasper Engine Installation & Warranty Center. All of our new engines come with a 3 year 100K mile warranty. For more information


Your transmission is one of the most complicated and important components of your car. Our skilled technicians have the experience to diagnose and fix any problem. In addition we our a Jasper Transmission Installation & Warranty center. For more information


A car’s brakes wear out over time, which is why it’s important to keep up with regular maintenance. We offer a wide variety of products that are sure to fit your needs & budget.


There are over 20 items on the average car for steering components. If you feel a clunk or hear a noise, when turning you should get it looked at right away. Most times a simple repair ignored, turns into a major repair or even worse an accident.


Your vehicle’s suspension is very important. Suspension inspections can save you money in the long run. A worn strut will cause tires to wear out quicker. If you hear noises while driving do not hesitate to get your car in for service.

Heating & Air Conditioning

Our certified staff has all the tools and technology to keep both your heating and air conditioning working properly. If you notice a difference in performance it is better to service the systems before they completely fail.


Our certified technicians take pride in fixing electrical problems. We have up to date wiring diagrams for all makes and models. A vehicle’s wiring and computer system is very complex. Don’t just trust anyone, trust a professional.

Wheels & Tires

Action Automotive is a leading provider for most major brands of tires. Our trained staff will be sure to assist you with finding the best option for your needs. We offer free tire rotations for life when you purchase a set from us. In most instances our price on a good quality tire is less then a big box tire retailer selling an off name brand for the same price. We dare you to compare. In addition all of our tire quotes are out the door with no hidden fees or games. For more information

Vehicle Maintenance

Maintenance is key. In most cases, just by following your owners manual maintenance schedule, you will not have any major breakdowns. We will assist you in keeping records, changing the oil and other fluids on time, and making sure you get the most out of your vehicle.


We provide complete exhaust repair and replacement. In most cases we can replace the the exhaust for less money then other shops charge to patch an exhaust. We also can install custom exhaust systems to you muscle and classic cars.

4×4 & Plow Repairs

Living in North East Ohio having a proper working 4×4 system is important. We will keep you safe on the road. We also install snow plow systems and service plow systems. Call for details and pricing.